Strategic Plan


The University of Choice - Making a Difference

Higher education is at a crossroads.

Transformational technological advances, unpredictable enrollment trends and stark economic realities are reshaping the delivery of courses, the significance of degrees, and the fundamental “college experience.” At this watershed moment for higher education, there is a pressing need to build on our strengths, anticipate changes, and position the university to be responsive to the inevitable challenges ahead.

This month, we are embarking on “Strategic Plan 2030: The University of Choice – Making a Difference,” a blueprint for the path ahead based on Oakland’s mission, vision and values with a focus on timely initiatives and priorities. The four-phase plan will be in place for the 2024 academic year.

Refreshing the current strategic plan with traditional higher education and emergent issues in mind is the mission of the Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (made up of the president and cabinet), and the 18-member Strategic Planning Leadership Council that consists of faculty and staff.

The ultimate goal is for Strategic Plan 2030 to support Oakland’s aspiration as a preeminent catalyst for education, cultural understanding, economic growth, community engagement and practical research that benefits the region and state.

Please take time to review the rationale, process and timing of the Strategic Plan.


Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D.
Oakland University, President